Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tinkerbell Party - DIY Peter Pan Hats & Pirate Swords

With all the little girls at my daughter's Tinkerbell Party adorned in their fairy wings and tutus, I wanted to make sure the little boys didn't feel left out.  So, I got my mom to graciously make Peter Pan hats and pirate swords for all of the little boys!


How to Make a Peter Pan Costume

In order to make the hats and swords we followed the directions on the article "Peter Pan Costume" on Make It & Love It.  Please click the link to access the directions.



Full Peter Pan Costume

Each little boy was given a Peter Pan hat and a pirate sword.  For my son, who was only seven months old at the time, we made a small hat, a belt, a small sword with a loop to attach to the belt, boots, and a green Peter Pan shirt.  The directions to make the belt and shirt can also be found at Make It & Love It by clicking the link.








The sword is prepared with felt, like the other parts of the costume.  In order for it to be sturdy, we used a strong piece of cardboard in between two layers of felt for the silver tip of the sword and for the black handle.


Belt and Sword

Little Peter Pan