Thursday, June 5, 2014

Disney FROZEN Party ~ Decor Kids Can Create!

For my daughter's 4th birthday, we decided to have a small, family party.  I made up my mind that I wasn't going to go crazy with decorations, but then she chose a Frozen theme!  How could I resist living up the most loved animated movie of the year!?!?  What I decided to do was use decorations that my daughter could help create and that she was excited about.



How to Create Olaf


You surely can't have a Frozen party without Olaf, right?  Of course not!  Our Olaf served two purposes, he welcomed guests at the front door and we later used him to play a game of "Pin-the-Nose-on-Olaf." 

A cardboard Olaf can be purchased on Amazon for about $25.  I made the one in the pictures for about $5.  Here's what I used...
  • 2 white foam boards (thick poster board) - purchased at the dollar store
  • spray adhesive
  • white/clear glitter
  • black Sharpie
  • Xacto knife or utility knife
  • scrapbook paper - black, orange, and brown
  • packing tape or Duct tape
On one of the foam boards carefully draw Olaf's body using a pencil.   On the other foam board, draw Olaf's head.  Use any remaining foam board to draw Olaf's arms and hair.  When you are happy with his look, cut him out using an Xacto or utility knife.  Trace all of Olaf's edges using a black Sharpie.  Using packing tape or Duct tape, tape Olaf's head to his body (from the back). 

Take Olaf outside or to a well ventilated room.  If doing this inside you  might want to lay out an old sheet and place Olaf on top of it.  Have your child spray the adhesive all over Olaf.  Immediately after spraying the adhesive, have the child sprinkle the glitter all over Olaf.  Give the adhesive some time to dry then stand Olaf up to remove any extra glitter that did not stick. 

Next, using the black scrapbook paper, cut out buttons and the centers of Olaf's eyes.  It will be difficult to glue the buttons and eyes on Olaf because of the glitter.  Use a thick type of glue (I used liquid nails) then place a heavy object on top of Olaf until the glue dries.

Using the brown scrapbook paper, trace Olaf's arms and hair.  Cut the arms and hair out of the brown scrapbook paper then glue or double stick tape onto the foam board cut-outs of the arms and hair.  Using the orange scrapbook paper, cut out Olaf's nose.  If you are playing "Pin the Nose on Olaf," you will need to cut out several noses.  Place a piece of thick double stick tape on the back of each nose.  Apply one nose when hanging Olaf on the door to welcome guests then remove the nose before starting the game.

In order to attach Olaf's arms and hair to the body, you will need to tape from the back.  If they are not stable, tape a wooden skewer to the body and arms to make them stronger.  After everything is attached and dried, tape a string to the back of Olaf then hang him on your door using a removable Command Hook.

You can make a callout using any leftover foam board, if desired.  I made a callout that said, "Hi!  I'm Olaf!  I love warm hugs!"

Icy Art - Shadowbox


I read about creating an icy looking painting using water, Epsom salt, and black paper on My Sister's Suitcase.  I knew that my daughter would have fun doing this.  After my daughter "painted" a piece of black poster board, I struggled to think of how I could use it as a decoration.  I then realized that I could cut it out and put it into a shadowbox frame that I have.  I also placed my daughter's Anna, Elsa, and Olaf figurines in the shadow box.  It turned out to be a cute decoration!

Food Labels

My family, collectively, came up with cute names for each food item that was served at the party.  I then made a label for each food item.  Each food item had a character associated with it.  On each label I printed a picture of the character along with the food item's name.  I cut the labels out and taped them (using double stick tape) to pieces of cardstock, which I then folded into a tent that would stand in front of the food item.

The food labels that I created included...
Marshmallow Crystals (rock candy)
     Sven's Treat (American sub salad)
Han's Sneaky Salad (Romaine, walnuts, strawberries, and feta cheese)

Troll Chips (BBQ chips)

Anna's Pizza (pizza)

Elsa's Endless Winter (white chocolate fountain with assorted treats for dipping)

Olaf in Summer (lemonade with a play carrot and black buttons)

Myla's Cake (birthday cake)


Anna/Elsa & 4's


I printed out images of Elsa and Anna and large number 4's.  I cut them out then attached them to scrapbook paper using double stick tape.  I taped the signs to a wooden skewer and stuck them in random places (like food dishes, plants, etc.)

Snowy Links


My daughter helped me tape strips of paper together to make snowy-looking chain links.  We hung the chain links from a doorway.  My daughter had fun making an entrance through the snowy links!

A Perfect Gift!