Friday, March 15, 2013

Creative Wedding Ideas ~ Elegant Tropical Theme (1)

 Invitation, Program, Place Cards, Memory Favor, Toss Cones

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Do you want to make your wedding theme pop!  It is possible to bring your theme and colors to all aspects of your wedding while staying within a limited budget.  From invitations, programs, and guest book frame to favors, a signature drink sign, and much more you will see many ideas that can be created by YOU with your own personal wedding flair!
Tips – Brand your wedding
In order to brand your wedding, pick a color scheme and one or two fonts that you really love and use them on EVERYTHING.  Also, you will see that I created a sort of logo using the bride and groom’s name and incorporated that on many different things, including the program, toss cones, and memory favor.

Wedding Invitation

This wedding invitation would have cost of about $900 (for 100 invitations) from a professional custom invitation designer.  If you want the elegant look, but don’t want to spend a fortune you can create one on your own, just like I did.  The best way to start is to look at sample invitations to come up with an idea of the style that you like.  Once you know your style you then have two options…

Option 1 – DIY

Go to and shop for the papers needed for your invitation.  You can order every paper that you need, including the card stock, pocket folders, etc.  Keep in mind that some cutting might be necessary.  You can also order a sample of each paper color to make sure that your selection matches perfectly.  Prepare the parts of your invitation using a program on your computer.  If you do not have a graphic design program, like Photoshop, it is possible to create the invitation using Microsoft Word (that is how the above invitation was created).  Make sure that you save the invitation as a PDF.  When the invitation document is complete, take it to a local print shop on a USB drive to get a quote for the printing.  You can take your own paper or see the selections that they have to choose from.  After the printing is complete all you have to do is assemble the invites.  Tape a long ribbon on the pocket folder then place the pre-cut background paper on top of the pocket folder using strong double stick tape. (Do not glue as this can cause the papers to wrinkle.)  Double stick tape the printed invitation portion on top of the background paper.  Insert the cards in the pocket.  Close the pocket folder and bring the ribbon around the front to tie shut.  If you wish to attach a small tag stating the guests' names, insert it through the ribbon before tying.  This DIY option cost approximately $300 for 100 invitations.  That is a $600 savings!

Option 2 – Custom Mix & Match

If you are not into creating your invite totally from scratch then check out or  From either of these websites you can order a custom invitation or pre-made design.  They provide a lot of freedom to mix and match different elements of the invitation.  You can also elect to order the pieces of the invitation separately and then assemble the invitations on your own.

Wedding Program

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A great way to incorporate your own style is to create your own wedding ceremony programs.  Just like I explained in the “Wedding Invitations” section, you can create a document with all of the parts of the program and take it to a local print shop.  This is a way to make a program that is much more unique than the one that the church/wedding venue will prepare for you.  Plus, it does not cost a lot.  Simply cut scrapbook paper in colors that match your theme to make a front and back cover for your program.  Punch holes in all of the pieces of the program and run a ribbon through.  Glue the ribbon on the back side of the program.  On this program I punched a 1.5 inch hole in the lower right corner of the front cover so that the bride and groom name logo (which was printed on the first page of the program) stood out.

Place Cards

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Artistic Difference Photography

It is possible to make place cards using scrapbook paper, a square or round hole punch, and your home computer.  For this flower style place card, you simply cut scrapbook paper to the size that you would like your place cards to be.  Then you carefully fold each card in half and draw a flower design below the fold.  Open the card and use a cutting knife to precisely cut your flower design.  Be careful not to cut along the fold.  Refold the card and pop up the flower design.  You can then use the first one as a sample and trace it onto all of the other place cards so that they have a uniform look.  Then using a square or circular punch (approximately 1.5 inches) punch a hole in a different scrapbook paper that corresponds with your place cards.  This will be like a border to make the guests’ names pop.  Attach this border paper to the place card (using double stick tape) as shown in the picture.  Then on your computer, print all of the guests’ names and table assignments on a paper that will look good on your place cards.  Using a punch about .5 inch smaller than the one used for the border paper, punch out each guest’s name.  Attach this on top of the border paper and your place cards are complete.

Memory Favor

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A memory favor is a great way to honor those family members who have passed and also to donate money to a charity of your choice.  To do this create a document explaining the purpose of your favor and the charity that you chose to donate to and why.  Then on the pages of the favor include a picture and brief bio of each of your loved ones.  Lay the favors on each guests’ place setting at the reception. 

Rose Petal Toss Cones

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Not sure what to give to guests to “toss” after you’ve said your I Do’s?  Try creating a Toss Cone!  These are simple to make.  Simply use some heavy scrapbook paper (perhaps the same one that you used for the invitation, place cards, or program) and cut it into an oval shape.  Bring the sides together and double stick tape and/or glue.  Punch a small hole and attach an eyelet.  Tie a ribbon or other small embellishment and a tag with your wedding logo through the eyelet.  Drop a small handful of rose petals in the toss cones and they are ready for guests to shower upon you!