Sunday, March 24, 2013

PINK and BLUE Baby Shower

So you’re going to have a baby but you don’t know if it’s going to be a little girl or a little boy?  If you want to keep the gender a surprise but don’t want a yellow or green baby shower, try out the PINK and BLUE option!
The big question is…What makes a PINK and BLUE baby shower special?  Check out the ideas below to learn the answer to that question and have a guide to follow when planning your own or someone else’s PINK and BLUE baby shower.

The Invitation

Create an invitation that lets guests know that the shower will have a PINK and BLUE theme.  You can create the invitation yourself using a graphic design program like Photoshop or you can use something like Microsoft Word.  After completing the invitation save it as a PDF and take it to a local print shop to get it printed.  This will be a lot less expensive than ordering the invitation through a website.

You will notice on this invitation that I asked the shower guests to wear blue or pink depending on whether or not they thought the baby would be a girl or a boy.  Almost everyone at the shower participated by wearing something blue or pink.  At the shower we positioned all of the “BLUE” guests on the left and the “PINK” guests on the right and then took a picture.  It is fun to look back at the picture to see which guests guessed my baby GIRL’s gender correctly!  Additionally, you’re guests become an extra decoration adding to the PINK and BLUE theme at the party!

Turn the House PINK and BLUE

We had the shower at my parent’s house so there were several rooms that guests would be in, including the kitchen, dining room, and family room.  We decided to make the kitchen completely PINK, the dining room completely BLUE, and the family room a combination of PINK and BLUE.

The PINK Room – food

When guests entered the PINK room the first thing that they saw was the “GIRL?” letters sign and light pink Chinese lanterns.  The sign is made of 10-12” white wooden letters that were purchased at Michael’s Arts and Crafts.  We painted various sizes of light pink circles on the letters.  You will notice that most of the pink décor incorporates dots in some way or another and a lot of the blue décor incorporates stripes. 

My mom surprised me by making a super cute diaper cake.  (You can find directions for making a diaper cake by doing a Google search.)  The diaper cake added to the pink room because it was wrapped in pink ribbon, and was decorated with baby girl toys, socks, and hair bows.

My mom also made a photo collage, which included pictures of me when I was little.  She mounted the pictures on pink scrapbook paper and then mounted the “framed” pictures on a ribbon.  The ribbon was then affixed to the back of a door to make it look like it was hanging over the door. 

We love flowers, so we used them to bring life to the décor and because they always make a room look beautiful!  We went to a local florist and picked up two stems of orchids and some greens.  We carefully placed the orchids in a vase that we had.  We wrapped the greens in a loose circle and then carefully placed them in the vase.  This simple floral arrangement became a pretty center piece on the food table.
The “GIRL?” sign is made of a small plaque board, dowel rod, and wooded craft ball (with a flat bottom) from a craft store.  Drill a hole in the board and craft ball, place a little wood glue in the holes, and then insert the dowel rod.  Paint the sign a desired color and add a design (like the pink dots).  The “GIRL?” letters were cut on a Cricut machine using scrapbook paper.  The back side of the sign looks the same as the front. 

We bought a tin container at a craft store and painted it white and then painted on the pink dots.  This became the perfect place to display our plates and napkins.

The BLUE Room – cake and Bellini’s

When guests walked into the BLUE room the first things that they saw were the cake and “BOY?” letters sign.  The sign was made just like the “GIRL?” letters sign, as described above.  The décor in the blue room contained a lot of stripes.

My mom also made me an adorable diaper wreath.  (You can find directions for making a diaper wreath by doing a Google search.)  The diaper wreath added to the blue room because it was tied in blue ribbon, and was decorated with an assortment of baby boy colored toys and socks.

As with the pink flowers in the pink room, we also decorated with simple blue flowers.  In this vase we placed greens (which were wrapped in a loose circle) and one hydrangea stem.  It was easy to create, not expensive, and looked great!
The “BOY?” sign is made like the “GIRL?” signs as described above.  The “BOY?” letters were cut on a Cricut machine using scrapbook paper.  The back side of the sign looks the same as the front. 

My mom also made a photo collage which included pictures of my husband when he was little.  She mounted the pictures on blue scrapbook paper and then mounted the “framed” pictures on a blue ribbon.  The ribbon was then affixed to the back of a door to make it look like it was hanging over the door. 

The above cake was purchased from Providence Divine Cakes and Pastries.  She makes beautiful and delicious cakes!  She custom made this cake to fit in our blue room!

The PINK and BLUE Room – gifts

The last room was the family room where everyone sat around to chat and also where I opened gifts.  We decided to decorate this room with a variety of PINK and BLUE items.  The first part of the décor were the large tissue paper pom poms.  Those can be seen in the picture above, hanging on the windows and over the white table.  Tissue paper pom poms are a little time consuming to make but they look cool!  I have recently learned to make tulle pom poms.  These are much easier to make and don’t get smashed and out of shape as easily as tissue paper pom poms.  Either option is a neat and cheap decoration.  You can find directions for creating these by doing a Google search.
The second decoration is the chair cover.  My mom is very crafty and great with a sewing machine, so she made a PINK and BLUE cover for the chair that I sat in to open gifts.  It was super cute!
The last decoration in the picture above is the clothes line.  My mom hung a clothes line with a variety of outfits for a baby girl and a baby boy that were on my baby registry.  She kept the receipts, of course, so that we could return the one set that we didn’t need!

In the PINK and BLUE room we once again decorated with some pretty flower arrangements.  We made a tiny vase with a blue hydrangea and a couple of light pink baby roses.  In the bottom picture we put an assortment of Gerber daisies, roses, and some greens. 

The A-B-C blocks above are cardboard boxes which have the tops cut off on three sides.  The boxes were then covered with white fabric and painted.  There is a short ribbon attached on the box underneath of the fabric on the top of the lid.  The ribbon wraps around a button which was stitched on the front of the box.  My mom made these boxes and then put a couple of small gifts in them. 

We did not play games at my baby shower, but we did ask guests to participate in one fun activity, which is shown in the picture above.  We asked guests to give us some name ideas for the upcoming baby.  Guests wrote their name ideas on the slips of paper and then dropped them in the box.  Although we didn’t use any of the names, we did have fun (and a couple of laughs) checking out what friends and family suggested.