Sunday, May 19, 2013

Generations Photographs

"Modern Family" Like Picture
Great-Grandmother and Child Picture
4 Generations Hands Picture

How wonderful is it to be able to capture four generations in one memorable photograph?  It's truly priceless!  There are several ways to photograph multiple generations in unique ways.  Here are a few ideas...

"Modern Family" Like Picture

If you watch the TV show, "Modern Family", then you know how cool those pictures inside of pictures are!  We created a "Modern Family" like generational picture, which included my grandma, my mom, my daughter, and I.  This "Modern Family" like picture is easy to create if you follow the steps below.

Step 1: Coordinate Outfits

Select an outfit for each person in the the picture that will go together.  You are not going to see a lot of the outfit, but it is still important to avoid prints that are too bold or colors that clash.  Keep it simple and remember the background that you will be standing in front of. 

Step 2: Pick a Background

Every picture will need to be taken in front of this same background.  We chose to take the pictures in front of a white barn at my parents' house.  Looking back on it, we could have picked a better location since my grandmother's hair is white too.  She was the last to be photographed, so we didn't take the time to go back to re-do everyone elses' pictures. 

Step 3: Photograph the Youngest Generation First

Take a close portrait-style photo of the family member that is the youngest.  Keep in mind that this picture will be the smallest one at the end, that is why it should be a close-up.

Step 4: Print and Frame the Picture

Print the picture of the youngest family member in size 8 x 10 at the smallest.  The print needs to be this big so that it will show up in all of the other pictures.  Frame the picture.

Step 5: Photograph, Print, and Frame the Next Family Member

Photograph the next youngest family member holding the picture taken during the previous step.  Once again, take a close up in front of the same background, but do not cut off any of the framed picture.  Make sure that your fingers are not too far around the front of the frame.
Print this new picture in an 8 x 10 size and place it in the original frame.  You should now have a picture of the first two generations.

Step 6: Repeat Step 5 with all other Generations 

Photograph, print, and frame the subsequent generations until you reach the oldest, as shown below.

Step 7: Frame the Final Photograph

Once it is framed the "Modern Family" like photo looks great and is something to cherish forever.  Check out my family's final photo below.

Four Generation's Hands Photograph

We decided to capture my grandmother's, my mom's, my daughter's, and my hands in this photograph.  It turned out really well and makes me smile, especially when I see the sweet tiny hand on top.  In order to take the four generations hands photograph, start with the oldest member of the family and layer the hands (facing opposite directions) on top of each other until you get to the youngest.  Before taking this photograph, it is best to lay out a black or dark colored blanket on which everyone can place their hands.  This will create a nice and even backdrop.


Great Grandmother and Child Holding Hands Photograph

We also decided to take a picture of my Grandma holding hands with my daughter.  My grandma happened to be wearing black pants so we had her sit down and take hold of my daughter's two hands.  We had my grandma place her two thumbs over the tips of my daughter's fingers to create the symmetrical look.  This picture makes me think about my grandma holding my mom's hands like that when she was little, and mine when I was small, and now my daughter's.  We have been fortunate to have those strong, hardworking, weathered hands help us all along the way.  I will enjoy sharing this picture with my daughter when she is old enough to appreciate it.