Saturday, May 4, 2013

Silhouette Art by Le Papier Studio

A friend of mine gave me a really cool silhouette print for a baby shower gift.  She got the print from Vana Chupp of Le Papier Studio.  Since then I have also purchased some additional silhouettes from Le Papier Studio.  Vana Chupp does a variety of beautiful custom creations, which make great keepsakes for you or gifts for others.  Check out my silhouette art below!

Maternity Silhouette #1

My mom is always taking crazy pictures, so when she asked me to bare my baby bump and have my husband kiss my belly for a photo, I didn't think a thing of it.  Little did I know that a friend of mine was planning to use this photo to have a silhouette created as a gift for my baby shower.  My friend's requirements (which my mom knew about), were that I wear tight fitting clothes, put my hair in a pony tail, and take the picture as a profile.  These are the things that make for a good silhouette.  As you can see the original picture is nothing special, but when it is turned into a silhouette on a cute background it makes a lovely piece of art! 

After my mom took the original picture, my friend sent it to Vana Chupp at Le Papier Studio.  She converted the image into a silhouette and put it on a nice background.  The writing at the bottom of the print says, "Chris, Maggie, and Baby Guttridge."  My friend then framed the picture and gave it to me at my baby shower.  The frame now hangs in my daughter's room.

Child's Silhouette

I loved my framed art silhouette so much that I decided to have something made for my mom for mother's day.  I chose to get a vinyl decal, also from Le Papier Studio.   When doing silhouettes of children there are two main options that work well.  You can do a profile of the face alone or a silhouette of the whole body.  If doing a silhouette of the whole body, it is best to get a profile of the face so that you can see the child's small features.  The difficult part is trying to have the child interact with some type of prop while also trying to take a picture.  (It might take several tries and some assistants!)  Some ideas for props include having the child blowing bubbles, pulling a wagon, flying a kite, walking a dog, holding balloons, or many other great ideas.  It is a good idea to have little girls wear a tutu or a skirt so that you can tell that they are little girls.  It is also possible to have the outline of a bow or ribbon in the little girl's hair that is a color of your choice.  Specify that when you place the order for the silhouette.
I chose white vinyl for my decal, but there are many different options.  The one I got is size 16" x 20", but there are several different sizes to choose from.  As part of the decal, I also got my daughter's name and age below the silhouette.  The decal is very easy to apply.

Maternity Silhouette #2 

When I was pregnant with my second child I decided to have another silhouette of our family to place in the new baby's room.  For this silhouette, I tried to figure out a way to position us so that the picture would be about the new baby, but also so that we all would show up in the silhouette.  We came up with the picture shown above: man and woman kissing and child kissing the baby bump.  I made sure that my daughter was wearing a skirt so that you could tell that she is a little girl.  I also wore a skirt because I think they look cute in silhouettes.  I wore my hair in a pony tail and wore a tight fitting shirt to show off my belly.  Once again, the quality of the picture isn't that great, but the finished art turned out to be really cute.  I chose not to find out my baby's gender, so I waited until after my son was born to have the silhouette printed.  After he was born I decided on the colors for his room then had the silhouette printed in colors that would look good with his decor.  The bottom of this art says, "Chris, Maggie, Myla, and Baby."
Silhouette Art is a great way to decorate and is a nice alternative to photographs.  Have fun trying one of your own!