Thursday, June 20, 2013

Frame Your Vacation Photos!

I took a vacation to Tulum, Mexico for a destination wedding.  While I was there, I photographed much of the landscape because it was really beautiful.  When I got home and loaded the pictures on my computer I was awestruck by their clarity and color, not to mention the serene feeling that I got from looking at the beautiful sites I was able to see in person that were reflected so accurately in the photographs. 
I do not have any formal photography training, but I do love to experiment with picture-taking.  At the time that I took these photos, I had a pretty nice Sony point-and-shoot camera.  Anyone can take great photos if the setting is good. 

Pictures Taken on the Beach

These photos were taken while walking along the beach at the Dreams Tulum Resort in Tulum, Mexico. It was such a beautiful day! The water and sky looked amazing. I couldn't resist photographing these boats that were docked on the shore. In the photograph with the two boats, I also got a corner of a tiki hut that was situated on the beach.

I had the pictures printed in 5 x 7 sizes and then framed them in white frames with white matting. I thought the pictures would look great in my spare bathroom which is painted a tropical blue color. I hung the two pictures side by side on one wall in the bathroom, as you can see in the picture below.

Pictures Taken at the Tulum Ruins

One day we decided to take an excursion to see the Mayan Ruins in Tulum.  I find the stories and architecture of these ancients civilizations to be so intriguing and fascinating.  I took several pictures of the landscape because the ruins are located right next to the Caribbean Sea.  In the picture below, we were standing at a high point at the ruins.  There was a stairway where people could walk down to the beach.  We stayed at the top and enjoyed the gorgeous view.  I snapped a couple of pictures of these two rock formations with the turquoise ocean peeking in between.
I also photographed the Tulum Temple of the Frescoes (shown below).  The Temple still has the remains of red frescoes on the interior, which you can see when peering in from the outside.  It is really incredible!

I then printed the two pictures taken at the Tulum Ruins in size 5 x 7 and framed them in the same white frames used for the pictures on the beach, which are shown above.  I also hung these photographs in my spare bathroom.  The pictures look like professional photographs that I would have purchased somewhere, but the only cost to me was the frames and the printing, which were not expensive.  Check out the final product below...
The following photographs were also taken at the Tulum Ruins.  This one is another picture of the landscape from high on the rocks.  I thought the single red flower on the rocky cliff overlooking the Caribbean was very beautiful. 
This is a picture of El Castillo de Tulum.  This is the main castle on the site of the ruins.  I love the contrast of the green grass and the cloudy sky.  The castle looks very beautiful.

I printed the two pictures in an 8 x 10 size on metallic paper, which gave them a really cool sheen. I then framed the pictures in dark brown frames and hung them in the hallway in my house.  As you can see in the picture below, I hung the pictures vertically because the wall in my hallway has a slight angle.  The space where these pictures are hanging is between the angle and closet door.  They look nice hanging vertically in that small space.