Friday, September 13, 2013

Baby Gender Reveal Party

A big thank you to my friends Lindsey and Matt for having a wonderful, exciting gender reveal party for their upcoming baby!  This was a special event to be able to be a part of.  I chose to keep my children's genders a surprise until the end, so I missed out on having one of these festive gender reveal parties.

Lindsey and Matt chose to learn their baby's gender by releasing blue or pink balloons from a box.  To learn more about the details of the party and the BIG REVEAL, continue reading below.


Boy/Girl Tally

Upon arrival, each guest made a guess as to whether or not they thought the baby would be a boy or a girl.  They placed their guess on the tally board and then attached a "boy" or "girl" button to their shirt.  By the time of the reveal the tally was about split 50/50!

The Special Box

The box containing the top secret surprise was delivered in style by Lindsey's dad!

Lindsey covered a large box with brown paper then decorated it as shown below.  The box was then taken to Party City and filled with the appropriate color balloons.  The box was sealed with more brown paper.


 And it's a...BOY!!!

Lindsey and Matt opened the box to reveal blue balloons!  Everyone was very excited for them!  The proof that the baby is actually a boy was written on the note pictured below!

How It Was Done

The balloons were tied to long strings that were taped to the bottom of the box.  This ensured that the balloons would not float away and gave us an opportunity to take some cute pictures!


I love this picture of Lindsey and Matt's little guy pointing at the balloons!

Using Photoshop, I edited the picture below so that the balloons were the only part in color. 

Only a few got away...

Congratulations!  We can't wait to meet the new little man!