Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How to Capture Tiny Newborn Features

Newborn Picture Collage

I know bringing home a new baby is a busy time, but this is definitely something to remember to do shortly after baby is born!  Babies grow so quickly.  In what seems like a moment's time those tiny fingers and toes don't seem so small anymore.  A collection of photos of baby's tiny parts is just the way to remember how small you're little one actually was! 

How to Capture Those Parts

I knew that I wanted to make a collage containing nine pictures of my son.  I thought about the various things I would like to include in my collage.  His feet, hands, ears, nose, lips, belly button, hair, and eyes were all priorities.  Those pictures would fill up eight spots on my collage.  For the ninth spot I chose a picture of his profile, which I thought was precious because it included the parts of his face and his tiny hand. 

Step 1: Take the Photos

In order to create a collage I took close-up photographs of the previously mentioned parts.

Step 2: Convert to Black & White

Using the photo editing software that comes with your camera or any other software that you are familiar with, change the photograph to black and white.

Step 3: Crop the Pictures

I chose to make my collage on Shutterfly.  It was not too expensive, and it was easy to create.  When you add the pictures to the collage Shutterfly automatically crops it to the size that will fit in the allotted space.  If you chose to make your collage on your own using Photoshop or another program, you will need to crop the picture to the appropriate size.  
Check out the photographs that I took and the steps that I went through to utilize the pictures in my collage.








Belly Button



The Print of the Collage

On Shutterfly I selected an 11X14" collage.  I inserted each of the photographs into the nine spots on the collage.  The final collage was printed on photo paper and sent to me.  The picture above is a copy of what the final collage looked like.

Framed Collage

I then framed the collage in a white frame with a white matte and placed it on a shelf in my son's room.  You can see the final product in the pictures above!