Friday, August 16, 2013

Baby Bride and Bungalow's Crafty Products

Never heard of Baby Bride and Bungalow?  Well, it's about time that you did!  My friend Christy, interior designer turned Entrepreneur, started a small creative business, and she can make just about anything.  Her creations are chic, trendy, and super cool!  Christy specializes in invitations and printed products, but she has several other items as well.  The following are some of the things that she has made for me.  You can find her store on Etsy at

Baby Silhouette Keepsake

I asked Christy, of Baby Bride and Bungalow, to make something special for my brother and sister-in-law containing my niece's silhouette and hand prints and footprints.  I took a profile picture, stamped my niece's tiny hands and feet on a piece of paper, and then Christy went to work.  The artwork above is what she created.  It turned out beautifully!  My sister-in-law even cried when I gave it to her, she was so touched!

Framed Poem

My brother wrote a poem for my sister-in-law and niece that he wanted to give to them for Christmas.  He wanted to have it printed so that it could be displayed in his house.  Rather than type the poem himself on Microsoft Word, he got it done Baby Bride and Bungalow style!  Christy typed poem using a lovely font and then enhanced it by by adding graphics that corresponded with the message of the poem as a washout in the background.  She then had poem printed and framed it.  The frame that she chose matches the one used in the Baby Silhouette Keepsake pictured above. 

Alphabet Canvas Wall Art

Before my son was born, my friends surprised me with a sprinkle (a small shower for your second child).  Christy made this 16" x 20" alphabet canvas wall art for me.  It is so adorable and looks great in my son's bedroom!  It would make a perfect addition to any child's bedroom or toy room.

Wooden Letter "G"

I wanted to purchase a large wooden "G" to place on a shelf in my son's bedroom.  I was shopping all around for the perfect wooden letter, when Christy said that she could make one for me.  I even got to pick the font style!  The letter is about 24" tall and is made out of solid wood.  I painted it blue and distressed it by sanding the edges.