Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Creative Baby Bump Photos

When you're in those nine months of pregnancy, it can seem like time is at a standstill.  Believe me, I know!  But, after the baby arrives and you look back on it, the pregnancy really did go pretty quickly.  You also quickly forget how you felt and looked while toting around that baby bump.  Try taking some maternity photos to remember all of those backaches and sleepless nights.  Oops, I meant those precious kicks and the beautiful heartbeat of the sweet baby growing inside of you! 


In order to create a silhouette photo like the one above, you need the perfect room.  You need a room that has only one source of light, be it an open door or window.  The rest of the room needs to be dark.  Do not turn on any lights.  Stand in front of the lighted area.  Be sure to stand with your profile showing so that your baby bump is evident.

Heart Shadow

If you have a trip to the beach planned during the later stages of your pregnancy, be sure to use that opportunity to get some great photos.  One that I love is the heart shadow on the baby bump.  Have your husband or anyone you choose kneel down in the sand and make a heart with his hands.  You will have to experiment a little bit to determine where to stand to place the heart perfectly.  Then have the photographer stand behind the person making the heart shadow to capture the picture.
A variation to this picture would be to show the person who is making the shadow in the photo as well.  For example, you could incorporate your husband, boyfriend, etc. into the picture, too, by taking the photo from a little farther away. 


Pregnant Mom with Sibling


"My belly doesn't look like that Mommy?"

What's cuter than getting your daughter excited about her new little brother or sister?  Maybe a picture of her analyzing her belly as you check out yours! 


Old Fashioned Telephone

In order to take the "Old Fashioned Telephone" picture, you will need to get two metal cans and a piece of thick string or yarn.  Remove the labels from the cans and wash thoroughly.  Using an ice pick or drill bit, make a small hole in the bottom of each can.  Place the string through the hole and tie a large knot that will not slip through.  You now have the two telephones.  Have your child, husband, boyfriend, etc. hold one end of the phone to his or her ear, and you hold the other end on your belly.  This makes a cute picture, and your child will get a huge kick out of chatting with the baby!  Don't forget to stand with the profile of your baby bump showing.


Child Kissing Baby Bump

This picture works well on the beach because you have your belly out and the background is pretty.  You could take it anywhere though.  Kneel down, then have your child kiss your baby bump.  Make sure that you are sitting with you profile to the camera.  You could also include your husband, boyfriend, etc. in the picture.


Baby Before and After

In order to take this picture, pick an outfit that will show your belly while you are pregnant but that will also look okay after the baby is born.  The first photo should be taken close to your due date, but while you are still pregnant.  Stand in front of a plain wall and have your profile picture taken.  Hold your hand that is closest to the camera under your bump, just like you will when holding the newborn baby.  Shortly after the baby is born, put that same outfit on and stand in front of the same wall.  Hold the baby with your arms the way they were when the picture was taken of you holding your baby bump.  Curl the baby's legs under and hold him low on your stomach.  It is amazing to think that little guy fit in your belly just a few short days before!

I then took the two pictures and compiled them into one using Photoshop.  You can see the final picture below.