Sunday, December 29, 2013

1st Birthday Photo Ideas - Pirate Party

For my son's first birthday I threw a pirate themed party.  I took some fun pictures of the birthday boy, which you will see below.  To read about all of the details of the pirate party, check out my post titled, 1st Birthday - Pirate Party.


Hot Air Balloon

In order to create the "Hot Air Balloon" photo shoot, you will need several helium filled balloons, a long ribbon, and a large basket.  I used an old market basket that has handles on each side.  I tied the ribbon to the handles on the basket.  I then clipped the balloons to the ribbon using a laundry clip.  You will need at least six helium filled balloons in order to hold the ribbon in the air (especially on a windy day, if you are doing the photos outside).  Place your child in the basket and start snapping those pictures!

Number "1"

Before the Party!
Before my son's birthday party I got a photo of the wooden number 1 and all of the balloons.  After the party I tried to take a picture of my son with the wooden number 1.  He wasn't too into the photos at that point, and a lot of the balloons went home with children that were at the party.  Mental note - take photos of the birthday boy before the party!
After the Party!

Welcome Sign

We took some pictures of the birthday boy next to his welcome sign.  They will be cute to look back on when he's sixteen!

Annual Birthday Photo

 Every year on his birthday, I will be taking a picture of my son holding his newborn picture.  I created a little sign to place on the picture frame that contains he newborn picture which says "1 Year Ago Today."  I will update the number of "years ago" every year.


My little man loves to eat, but he was completely chill with his cake.  I love this picture of him!  He can't help but watch everyone who is watching him.  Gotta love his little pirate hat, too!