Monday, December 16, 2013

DIY: Ornaments Like Those On "Days of Our Lives!"

I have grown up watching Days of Our Lives just like my mom and grandma.  I still DVR it everyday!  If you watch the show then you know that every year at Christmastime the Horton family gets ready for Christmas by hanging their family ornaments.  Each year when I watched the show at Christmastime I would think how neat this tradition is and how I would like to start it with my family.  After my daughter was born, I started the tradition by getting my mom a set of Christmas ornaments with every one of our family member's names on them.


Creating the Ornaments: Purchase vs. DIY


Purchase the Ornaments

When I got the first set of ornaments, I found them on Etsy at a store called Personalize 4 You.  The shop owner created beautiful ornaments for me, as you can see in the pictures below.
When I ordered the ornaments from Personalize for You, I was able to chose colors and fonts.  The shop owner was great to work with!


DIY: Ornaments

As more babies were born into my family, I decided to try to make their Christmas ornaments on my own.  We also had one ornament break, so I recreated that one.  In order to create the ornaments you will need a cutting machine, like a Cricut, because you will need to cut vinyl.

Step 1: Find Ornaments

The most difficult part of making the ornaments was finding large, plain, glass ornaments.  After looking at many places, I found a set of 3" ornaments at Tuesday Morning.  I would recommend using ornaments that are 3" or larger. 

Step 2: Get Vinyl & Ribbon

You will need to decide what colors you would like to use for your ornaments.  Purchase vinyl and ribbon in coordinating colors.  Vinyl can be purchased in a roll from any craft store.  It is about $10 per roll, but one roll can be used for several projects.

Step 3: Cut the Vinyl

Chose a font that you would like to use for the name that will be on the ornament.  The letters that I used are approximately 1" tall.  Also, select some detail pieces to add to the ornament.  I used swirls, dots, and Christmas trees.  Once you have all of the letters and details prepped, use your cutting machine to cut them out.

Step 4: Apply the Vinyl & Attach Ribbons

Carefully place the vinyl on the Christmas ornaments.  Tie two ribbons in a knot to the top of the ornament.  It is finished!

Step 5: Have a Tree Trimming Party

Families are busy, I know!  It might be impossible to get everyone together to decorate the whole tree, but try to find a time when all of the family is available (even for a short visit), and have each person hang their Christmas ornaments on the tree.  It is a nice way to get the family together to share the joy of the holiday season!