Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A "Thankful" Thanksgiving Tradition

I just had to share this cute tradition that my family started last year!  Each year at Thanksgiving dinner we will each write what are thankful for directly on the tablecloth.  It is really heartwarming (and sometimes funny) to read the messages from the previous year!

How to Do it...

Use a light colored tablecloth (that you don't mind using only for Thanksgiving dinner).  Scatter several permanent markers (we used thin black Sharpies) around the table at Thanksgiving dinner.  Ask your guests to write a note stating what they are thankful for directly on the tablecloth.  Tell them to add their name and the date to the note.  The next year you can use a different color Sharpie, if desired.

Some Examples

This tradition can be done by everyone at the dinner table, even the little ones.  Just write their message on the tablecloth for them.  The message below was written by my cousin's son.  He was thankful for Lego Ninjago last year.  I wonder if he will feel the same way this year!