Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to Make Turkey Place Cards

How to Make Turkey Place Cards

If you have kids at your Thanksgiving dinner this year, you might want to consider making some cute turkey place cards.  They are very easy to make with scrap paper you already have around your house.

Step 1: Print the Template

For each place card you will need the following...
1 - Turkey Head
5 - Feathers
1 - Base
1 - Beak
1 - Wattle
1 - Name Card

Step 2: Cut Out All of the Parts

First cut out the base using any color card stock that you have available.  Fold the base in half as shown in the picture below.

Next cut an assortment of feather colors, the turkey head, name card, beak, and wattle.  They should look similar to the pieces shown below.

Step 3: Glue the Parts

Attach the name card to the base using a glue stick.  Then attach the five feathers also using a glue stick.  After the feathers are secured, glue the turkey head on top.  Then glue the wattle and beak, as shown in the picture below.

Step 4: Add Eyes and a Name

Using a fine black sharpie, add two small dots for eyes.  Then neatly write each guests name on the place card. 
Note - You could also print the names using a computer then cut them out and attach them to the base.  Or, you could cut the letters using a Cricut machine.  I thought about using these other two methods, but being that it is almost Thanksgiving, I opted for the quickest alternative!

Finished Product