Thursday, November 14, 2013

How to Create a Watermelon Pirate Ship


Step 1: Cut the Watermelon  

You will need a large, oblong watermelon.  Unfortunately, you can usually only get this shape watermelon with seeds, but it is necessary in order to create the pirate ship.  Cut a rectangular shape out of the top of the watermelon, as shown in the picture below.  Save the piece that you cut off to use for the sails of the ship.

Remove all of the watermelon from the inside of the shell and from the top piece that you previously cut off.  Cut the watermelon into chunks (without any seeds) and store it to serve in your pirate ship.
You can complete this step the day before the party.  After removing all of the watermelon, wrap the shell in plastic wrap and store it in your refrigerator or in a cool place.  It can be a little stressful to get it right, so it's best not to wait until right before the party to start carving!

Step 2: Create Portholes

I wanted to make portholes in the pirate ship but was not sure what I could use to create uniform looking holes.  I found a jigger to work perfectly!  Use the jigger to mark the holes or puncture the whole way through if possible.  Be sure not to use anything larger than a jigger to make the holes or your fruit might fall out of the pirate ship when you set it up to serve!  Make three portholes on each side.

Step 3: Create the Sails

Using the top piece that you cut off of the watermelon, create three sails of various sizes.  In the picture below you can see how the watermelon top was cut to make the sails.


Step 4: Finish the Sails

Place a long wooden barbecue skewer through the sails.  I placed one skewer through the two smaller sails to use at the back of the ship.  I placed one skewer through the larger sail to use at the front of the ship.  You may need to bend the watermelon a little bit to give it the appearance of sails.

I used a knife to etch out a pirate shape on the front sail, as shown below.

Place the sails on the ship.  Make sure that the point of the skewer is facing down so that it is inserted into the watermelon shell.

Step 5: Fill the Ship

Cut an assortment of fruits in addition to the watermelon you already have.  I used blueberries, pineapple, and cantaloupe.  Place the cut fruit inside of the pirate ship just before the party.  Your completed pirate ship should look similar to the one below!  Good luck!