Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Baby Gender Reveal Party ~ 2

I was so excited to be a part of another very exciting, much anticipated gender reveal party!  Friends of ours, Christy and Rickie, decided to throw a casual, but fun-filled party to reveal the gender of their upcoming little one!

Getting Ready for the Reveal

Christy and Rickie decided to reveal their baby's gender by giving each guest at the party a balloon (pink or blue).  On a count of 1-2-3, each guest blew up their balloon and voila...we all new it was a...(You'll have to wait for the surprise!)
A little bit of work went into preparations for the big reveal.  Christy dropped an envelope off at my house containing the big secret from the ultrasound.  I love surprises to I signed my husband up with the job of peeking inside of the envelope and prepping the balloons.  He used a very small needle and poked about 14 holes in all of the balloons that did NOT represent the baby's gender.  That way when the guests blew up the balloons, only one color would stay blown up.


Guests were directed to the party pavilion with a simple sign and balloons.

Invitation & Decorations

Christy is an interior designer, turned entrepreneur.  She has a small business, Baby Bride and Bungalow, which can be found at www.babybrideandbungalow.com.  Everything that Christy does, no matter how small has a certain creative flair.  This reveal party was no exception!  Check out some of Christy's decor below...




Christy created this lovely invitation for the reveal party.  You can purchase one like it at her Etsy shop (just click the link above)!



Food Label Tents, Paper Straws, Cutlery Bags, Banner, Etc.


Get Ready...

Christy handed out a balloon to each adult guest.  Guests were reminded not to look closely at their balloons; no inspections for pin holes!  Guests were also reminded not to blow their balloons up until instructed.  (You might want to mention this one two or three times!!)


And It's a...


Congratulations, Christy and Rickie and little brother Drew!  We are all very excited for you!


As you can see in the pictures above, the pink balloons lost their air and the blue balloons stayed blown up.  This revealed to all of us that the baby is a boy!
One suggestion, if you chose to do this kind of reveal, is to have only the parents blow up balloons.  For example, Christy would have a pink balloon and Rickie would have a blue balloon.  That way all of the focus would be on the parents and you would know, without a doubt, the gender of the baby.  It actually happened that for about five minutes Rickie thought he was having a little girl until Christy kindly told him, "No Rickie, we are having a boy!" We all got a good chuckle out of that confusion!
Another benefit to having just the parents blow up the balloons is that you would not have to worry about guests blowing up balloons a little early.  In a large group like that some people miss directions.  It would be a shame to ruin the big reveal!

Some Cute Pics

After the big reveal we staged some pictures of the happy family. 

The picture directly above was modified using Photoshop so that only the balloons are in color, as you see below.
The kids had fun playing with the balloons after the reveal.  Those pink balloons were broken though!  :)

The Proof