Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tinkerbell Party - DIY Invitation & Thank You Card


Tinkerbell Party Invitation

I love to use pictures on invitations!  Plus creating your own invitation is much cheaper than ordering one.  In order to create an invitation like the one above, follow these directions.  First I created a chalkboard for my daughter to hold, which read "Come to Myla's Pixie Hollow."  You can learn how to create the chalkboard by reading my post titled, "Tinkerbell Party."  Next, I took a picture of my daughter holding the sign, as shown below. 

All of the remaining steps are completed using Photoshop.  I found a Tinkerbell-ish background and opened it in Photoshop.  I opened the picture of my daughter holding the chalkboard sign and cut out just her and the sign using the magic wand tool in Photoshop.  I then pasted my daughter and sign over top of the background.  I found an image of Tinkerbell.  I opened that image in Photoshop and cut it out using the magic wand tool.  I pasted the Tinkerbell over top of the Chalkboard, as shown in the completed invitation.  I added a shape in the upper left corner of the invitation, in which I placed the details of the party.  I filled in the shape with the color of a piece of shimmery purple scrapbook paper that I scanned into my computer.  I had to do some minor editing to parts of the background to fix some flaws.  I used the brush tool to insert some details, which look like pixie dust sparkles.  I put some of the sparkles on my daughter's fairy wings and around the edges of the purple shape. 

After the invitation was completed I printed a proof on my home computer and printed a copy of the image at CVS (as though it were a picture) so that I could make sure the colors looked okay.  When I was happy with colors I sent the file to a local print shop via email.  I had the invitation printed on heavy weight card stock.  It cost about fifteen dollars for 30 invites and envelopes.

Tinkerbell Party Thank You Card

I wanted to prepare a thank you card that followed the same theme as the invite and party.  The tough part was getting a three year old to stand still to pose for a photo!  

After we got the silliness out we managed to get a cute pic to use on the thank you card!

I had my daughter stand with the same chalkboard used in the invitation.  Only this time it said, "Thank You!"  

The Completed "Thank You"


I cropped the picture then emailed it to a local print shop.  I had it printed on heavy weight card stock.  I then rounded the corners using a corner punch.  My daughter and I wrote a thank you note on the back of each of the cards then mailed them to her party guests.