Wednesday, July 2, 2014

DIY: Painted Wooden Letters

My parents created a super fun playroom for their grandchildren.  It is packed full of all sorts of toys.  The toy room has each grandchild's name on the wall in jumbo wooden letters.

The wooden letters were purchased at Michaels and are about twelve inches tall.  They are solid white.  Here are some ideas as to how they can be painted...

Pink with Polka Dots


My mom painted the first grandchild's letters dark pink then she traced small circles all over the letters.  She painted the circles light pink.  The light pink circles have two thin coats of paint.  The key is to avoid applying the paint too thick so that the strokes do not show.    When using this technique, the letters end up looking very nice and professional.  

The completed letters look great hanging on the wall or standing on a shelf.  We chose to hang "Myla's" name on the wall on a diagonal, as shown in he picture below.

Lime Green with Pink Hearts


When the next grandchild came along we decided to use vinyl decals instead of painting accents on the letters.  My mom painted the letters lime green.  I then cut hearts in various sizes on my Cricut machine.  I used pink vinyl for the hearts.  We peeled the hearts off of the backing and stuck them randomly on each of the letters.  It was super easy and the result looked great!  Using the Cricut machine allows you to add more detailed accents that would be very difficult to paint on the letters.

We staggered "Camille's" letters across one of the playroom walls, as shown below.


Blue with Green Dots and Swirls


The next grandchild's letters were created by painting the background blue.  I then cut small green vinyl dots and swirls using my Cricut machine.  I applied the dots and swirls randomly to each of the letters.


We then hung "Grady's" name in a straight line across one of the walls, as shown below.