Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tinkerbell Party

This was the first birthday that my daughter requested a specific birthday theme, Tinkerbell!  I wanted to make the party special for her and fun for all of her friends.  I made lots of decorations as well as desserts, plus we went all out on the party favors!  All of this made for one great party!  Check it out...




In order to make a banner like this you will need several supplies. 
  • Shimmery card stock (in various color)
  • Natural/burlap colored card stock
  • Flowers (I used artificial Gerber daisies)
  • Tinkerbell (cut using the Tinkerbell Cricut cartridge)
  • Burlap strip (I purchased this on a roll at Michael's)

Cut the colored card stock into circles.  Cut out letters for the child's name and age.  You can do this by printing the letters in your desired size and then tracing them onto the natural paper.  Or you could cut the letters out using a Cricut machine.  Double stick tape or glue the letters to the circular card stock that you previously cut out. 

Table Settings


I decided to set a place at a table for each kiddo that was invited to the party.  This was a 3-year old birthday party, so I wasn't sure how setting a kid's table would work out.  It actually turned out to be perfect.  The kids sat and ate and the parents were able to chat!

My daughter picked out Tinkerbell plates and cups and we used a Tinkerbell table cloth.  Luckily we had enough low tables and chairs to make one large table at which all of the kids could sit. 


Tulle Poms

Tulle poms are really easy to make and they are fun decorations that can be used for many purposes.  In order to make tulle poms check out this video...

I chose to make small tulle poms.    I made the poms using tulle that I had leftover after making tulle tutus for party favors.  (You can read about making tulle tutus on my post titled, Tinkerbell Party - DIY Tulle Tutus.)  They were about 5" in diameter.  I hung a bunch of the tulle poms above the kid's table in my dining room.  I then attached the leftover poms to a piece of burlap that was left over from the burlap roll that I purchased to make the banner (described above).  I hung the burlap tulle pom decoration over a door.



Upon entering the party, little guests were greeted with their "costume" for the party, which was also their party favor.  The little girls got to pick their tutus and matching wings.  The little boys got to pick their Peter Pan hat and sword. 

For directions to make the Tinkerbell Tutus, please visit my post titled, Tinkerbell Party - DIY Tulle Tutus.

For directions to make Peter Pan hats and swords, please visit my post titled, Tinkerbell Party - Peter Pan Hats & Pirate Swords.

Chalkboard Sign

I made a sign and placed it on an easel so that guests would know to grab their party favors.  I made the sign by painting a piece of wood with chalkboard paint.  (Chalkboard paint can be purchased at any arts and crafts store or home improvements store.)  I drilled a small hole in each of the four corners of the board.  I then found sticks in my yard and broke them so that they were about as long as one edge of the board.  I tied the sticks onto the board by looping brown floral wire around the sticks and through the small holes that I drilled in the corners.  I then attached a few flowers and a Tinkerbell, which I cut with the Tinkerbell Cartridge on my Cricut machine.  I displayed the sign on an easel next to the party favors.

Other Decor


I found a jumbo Tinkerbell balloon on Amazon.  I then took it to the local party store to have it blown up.  I also placed my daughter's Tinkerbell doll in a vase of flowers.


Things to Do


Pinata & Treat Bags

I found a Tinkerbell piñata at Party City.  My daughter was super excited about it!  The kids needed something to put their piñata prizes into, so I asked my mom (the seamstress) to make some small felt bags.  I hung a tag on each of the bags that read,

Pixie Photo Spot

I wanted to create a station where party guests could capture some photos of their little fairies and pirates.  I set up a "Pixie Photo Spot" next to a tree in my yard.  I found an old octagon shaped window at a flea market.  I was never sure what to use it for, but I knew that it was too cool to pass up!  On the back of the window it had an octagon wooden support, which I removed to use for the Pixie Photo Spot.  I wrapped the frame in burlap and attached several flowers to it.  I also hung a small Tinkerbell on the left side, which I cut out using the Tinkerbell Cartridge for the Cricut machine.  I also hung a small sign below the frame that said, "Believe." 

Party guests, young and not-so-young, :) had fun at the Pixie Photo Spot!  



Welcome Sign

I found this need picture frame at an antique store.  I spray painted the frame white.  I then place a piece of scrapbook paper as the background of the frame.  Using my Cricut machine, I cut out "Myla's Pixie Hollow" and a Tinkerbell using the Tinkerbell Cricut Cartridge.  I attached a few flowers to the frame then hung it on my front door as a welcome sign.

Directions Sign

We had a lot going on at this Tinkerbell birthday party!  I wanted to be sure that the party guests wouldn't miss anything!  My crafty mom made this sign, which had several purposes...1.) it told guests what there was to do at the party, 2.) it directed guests to the different activities, 3.) it looked cute! 

Little Peter Pan

For directions to make the little Peter Pan costume, please visit my post titled, Tinkerbell Party - DIY Peter Pan Hats & Pirate Swords.

Tinkerbell Desserts

You can read about how to make the Tinkerbell Desserts shown below on my post titled, Tinkerbell Party - DIY Tink Cake, Cupcakes, and Star Wand Cookies.

Party Fun!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tinkerbell Party - DIY Peter Pan Hats & Pirate Swords

With all the little girls at my daughter's Tinkerbell Party adorned in their fairy wings and tutus, I wanted to make sure the little boys didn't feel left out.  So, I got my mom to graciously make Peter Pan hats and pirate swords for all of the little boys!


How to Make a Peter Pan Costume

In order to make the hats and swords we followed the directions on the article "Peter Pan Costume" on Make It & Love It.  Please click the link to access the directions.



Full Peter Pan Costume

Each little boy was given a Peter Pan hat and a pirate sword.  For my son, who was only seven months old at the time, we made a small hat, a belt, a small sword with a loop to attach to the belt, boots, and a green Peter Pan shirt.  The directions to make the belt and shirt can also be found at Make It & Love It by clicking the link.








The sword is prepared with felt, like the other parts of the costume.  In order for it to be sturdy, we used a strong piece of cardboard in between two layers of felt for the silver tip of the sword and for the black handle.


Belt and Sword

Little Peter Pan

Monday, February 3, 2014

Tinkerbell Party - DIY Tulle Tutus

My daughter wanted to have a Tinkerbell Party for her 3rd Birthday.  I was excited by this because I knew there were so many fun things I could make for the party!  One of the major projects I took on was making tutus for each of the little girls.  The little girl guests were given tutus and matching fairy wings, while the little boys were given Peter Pan hats and swords (read about this in a separate post).

Fairy Wings

I purchased the fairy wings on Amazon from Sassy Frass Boutique.  It was about $25 for 5 fairy wings.  I specified the colors that I wanted in a conversation with the shop owner.  Be sure to place the order early so that you have time to match the tulle with the wings and then make the tutus.

Link to the Amazon order page:

Instructions to Make Tulle Tutus


Supplies Needed

  • Tulle (white and additional colors to match fairy wings)
  • White Elastic
  • Scissors


Step 1: Get Tulle

You can buy tulle at any fabric store in large rolls of fabric or as thinner strips on a bolt (tulle ribbon).  I purchased large pieces of tulle fabric.  For each tutu you will need about 28 strips of tulle (use more if you have a larger child or would like a fuller tutu).  Each strip should be approximately 24".  You will place two pieces of tulle on top of each other.  This means that you will have 14 pairs of tulle that will be knotted onto a piece of elastic.  In the pair I always used a white strip and a colored strip so that the finished tutu was a soft color.  


Step 2: Layer Two Pieces of Tulle

Place two pieces of tulle on top of each other.  In the picture above I placed a teal strip of tulle and a white strip of tulle on top of each other.

Step 3: Prepare Elastic

Measure your child's waist then cut a piece of elastic to the appropriate size.  Tie the elastic in a knot so that you have a loop that will fit around your child's waist. 

Step 4: Make the Tutu

Start by folding the two pieces of tulle in half (end-to-end).  Place two fingers in the end where the fold is.  Place the folded tulle under the piece of elastic, as shown in the picture below.

Bring the loose ends of the tulle over top of the elastic.

Feed the loose ends of the tulle through the hole made by your fingers at the folded end of the tulle.

Pull the loose ends through the hole.

Tighten by pulling to create a knot.

Repeat this process approximately 14 times to complete the tutu.