Monday, June 9, 2014

Baby Cameron Photo Shoot - Part 2

Baby Cameron was such a great sport that we were able to use many different props for our newborn photo shoot.  Hence, the reason his photo shoot is split into two posts!  Here are the rest of the props that we used.

Wire Basket


For this picture we placed a gray rug inside of a wire basket.  We carefully molded the rug so that Cameron's upper body and face would be propped up higher than his lower body.  We used a natural wood floor and black backdrop.  Cameron was very sleepy, so we were able to change his hats and wrap him in cheesecloth without any protesting!  

This was a good opportunity to get some close-up photos of Cameron's tiny features and hands.



Cameron's mom, Christy, purchased this hammock on Etsy.  We, of course, were very eager to try it out for photographs.  We carefully placed Cameron in the hammock while it was still lying on the ground.  Then Christy took one side and I took the other.  We lifted it just about an inch off of the ground then my mom took the photographs.  For this picture it is essential to have the same color for the background and the flooring.  This gives the illusion that the hammock is higher off of the ground than it actually is.  The next time around, I will use one blanket or piece of material for the backdrop and flooring as opposed to the blanket and rug used in the picture below.


Hunting Gear


Christy's husband, Rick, is an avid hunter.  He was excited to get some pictures of Cameron with all of his hunting gear.  We started by setting up the scene.  Rick prepared his bag, then we staged his bow, boots, gloves, and antlers.  We placed some blankets in the bag to cushion Cameron.  Rick even had a camouflage hat that I used as a diaper cover for Cameron.  

Rick then switched out his archery gear for his rifle, bag, and some ducks.  We were able to get great photos from a couple of different angles.



I purchased this great shaggy lime green pillow, from which the stuffing is removed, at Home Goods.  I placed the green pillowcase on a stool.  We used a piece of white vinyl flooring as the background and a gray rug as the flooring.  The lime green pillowcase makes a great statement.  Cameron looks adorable sleeping peacefully against the soft green pillowcase.

For more pictures from this photo shoot, please visit Baby Cameron Photo Shoot - Part 1

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